20 Free Apps to Make Money Online from Your Phone


Are you looking to make some extra money online? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss 20 free apps that can help you earn money right from your phone. These apps are accessible from anywhere in the world and require no previous experience. Let's dive in and explore these amazing opportunities!

1: Pinata AI

Pinata AI is a unique app designed for renters. If you're currently renting a home or an apartment, Pinata AI allows you to collect credit, get paid, and earn cash back on your rent. It's available for both iOS and Android users and is completely free to install. Take advantage of this high-quality app and start saving today!

2: Toloka Earn Online

If you're looking for simple tasks to earn money online, Toloca Earn Online is the perfect app for you. It offers various tasks such as updating information, labeling typos, and photo moderation. You can get paid through PayPal, Payoneer, and other payment options. While this app may not make you a lot of money on its own, combining it with other apps can significantly increase your earnings.

3: Cashstars.com

Although Cashstars.com is currently closed for new users, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on. This app allows you to earn money by watching videos, browsing Google, retweeting, playing games, and more. It's known for being one of the highest paying apps, so be sure to sign up for the waiting list and seize the opportunity when it becomes available again.

4: Panelstars.com

Panelstars.com is a truly unique app that offers social media engagement services. You can purchase Instagram followers and more at affordable prices. By leveraging platforms like Bozoid, where they have a large customer base, you can resell these services and make a profit. It's an excellent opportunity to explore the world of social media arbitrage and potentially earn hundreds of dollars right from your phone.

5: Easy Bucks

If you enjoy gamified experiences, Easy Bucks is the perfect app for you. It provides a range of tasks, including surveys, offers, and games. While it may not generate substantial income on its own, combining it with other apps can help you maximize your earnings. Make the most of your spare time and have fun while making money!

6: Monetize Your Audience

If you have a significant online following, you can monetize your audience and make money through various apps. By promoting apps and earning a commission per install, you can generate income. For example, if you have a fitness and weight loss audience, you can promote a weight loss app and earn money for each install. Explore these opportunities and start leveraging your audience for profit.

7: Gopinion

Gopinion is a survey app that allows you to earn gift cards and make money online. While surveys may require some effort, they can be completed in your spare time. Take advantage of moments like waiting in line or relaxing on your couch to complete surveys and earn a few extra dollars. It's a simple way to make money from the comfort of your own home.

8: Earn It

Earn It is a platform that offers prizes for Amazon purchases. By linking your Amazon account, you can earn up to $4,000 while shopping on Amazon. It's important to note that winning is not guaranteed, but it's a fun and potentially rewarding way to make money online. Give it a try and see if luck is on your side!

9: Online Business Academy

Online Business Academy provides multiple ways to make money online. You can list your own digital products or services on the platform, benefiting from their high traffic and credibility. Additionally, you can become an affiliate and promote the classes, products, and services offered by experts in various industries. Lastly, you can also learn from these experts and expand your knowledge in areas such as social media marketing and drop servicing. It's a comprehensive app that opens up numerous earning possibilities.

10: Be My Eye

Be My Eye allows you to make money online using your phone's camera. You'll receive short missions, such as scanning barcodes or taking pictures of specific products. This app doesn't require an advanced camera; it's more focused on collecting data than capturing high-quality images. Put your camera to work and start earning today!

11: Multi-Polls

Multi-Polls is another survey app that can be a valuable addition to your app stack. It offers a wide range of surveys and tasks, including high-paying opportunities. By combining multiple survey apps, you can maximize your earnings and make more substantial money online. Withdraw your earnings effortlessly through PayPal and other available payment options.

12: YouGov

YouGov is a survey app available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. While the surveys may not be the most exciting, they still provide an opportunity to make money in your spare time. Answer questions and complete surveys to earn some extra cash.

13: Addappt

Addappt is another survey app that rewards you for your time and effort. Similar to other survey apps, it offers various surveys and tasks that you can complete to earn money. By using multiple survey apps simultaneously, you can increase your overall earnings. Take advantage of these opportunities and start making money online today.

14: Street B's

Street B's is an app that adds a touch of fun to making money online. You can chat with others, answer questions, and complete surveys and tasks. It's a unique and enjoyable way to earn a few extra dollars in your spare time. Give it a try and experience a different approach to making money online.

15: Survey Party

Survey Party lives up to its name by providing a gamified experience for earning money online. It feels more like playing a game than completing work. Engage in surveys, answer questions, and complete various tasks while enjoying the process. Making money online doesn't have to be monotonous with apps like Survey Party.

16: Erica

Erica is a survey app that offers a wide range of surveys and tasks to help you make money online. With high-paying offers available, it sets itself apart from other survey apps. Take advantage of this opportunity and start earning money with Erica today.

17: Survey Pop

If you're looking for an app that combines fun tasks with earning money, look no further than Survey Pop. You can watch videos, search, play games, and complete various other tasks to earn money. Embrace the gamified approach and increase your income while having a good time.

18: YouTube

The YouTube app and YouTube Studio app provide an incredible opportunity to make money online. Even without showing your face or recording videos, you can generate thousands of dollars every day through ad revenue alone. If you're curious about how this works, click the link in the description box below to learn more.

19: Survey Spin

Survey Spin is the final app on our list, but it's definitely not least. It offers interesting and enjoyable tasks, including watching videos, searching, and playing video games. This gamified app allows you to make money online while having fun. Combine it with other apps for even greater earning potential.